The Middle East is always associated with a fairytale. Their traditions, national clothes, unique cuisine, and surely women of extraordinary beauty. Single men from all over the world have fallen in love with an Afghan bride. So, let’s find out all details about that beautiful woman from such a closed country.

Why Should You Date an Afghan Girl?

International dating is always a chance to find a partner that will perfectly correspond to your representations of ideal relationships. Western women may be too confident and independent. They do not seek help from men and devote most of their time to building a career. Eastern brides are less determined to devote their lives to work. They value family and always take into account the opinion of their husband. Therefore, Afghan girls are suitable for those who are want to have a serious long-term relationship with an obedient woman.

Afghanistan Women Traits and Characteristics

GidaModest and humble

Girls in this country are used to obeying men. Sometimes traditions there go beyond the understanding of the Americans, however, that’s how Afghan girls became so modest. They will not argue with you or defend their point of view. Although, a girl will flourish if you show her how a man should treat a woman in modern society.


You won’t find an Afghan family with less than two-three children. That’s the answer. Afghan women love kids and know how to raise them.

Family goes first

Not only the husband’s word for brides from Afghanistan means a lot. The father’s word is a law for these women. So keep that in mind first when you meet her family. Don’t forget that sometimes girls have no right to decide who would be their husbands.

How to Meet Single Afghan Ladies?

Of course, you can organize yourself a trip to Afghanistan and meet a girl during your journey. Though, the best decision is the Afghan marriage website. this way you can not only flirt with several beauties at the same time but also find your lifetime partner. Single women here also would like to find a long term relationship, but you’ll have time to think and compare candidates. Plus, if you’ll come to Afghanistan without an invitation to find love, girls’ parents won’t have that much trust as you’d come to a certain girl after a long correspondence.
So, read below how to choose a reliable dating site and try to meet you, Afghan bride, online!

How to Choose a Reliable Afghan Dating Site?

There are some universal rules that you can use while looking for an online dating site.

Check reviews

LianaDon’t neglect professional opinion. There are lots of resources where you can find an expert’s point of view concerning dating site you’ve chosen. This will help you to know the description of each feature you’ll get. Plus nearly every review from the professional in quite objective and describes not only pros but ut also cons. Take into consideration, that comments or short reviews from users are also important. They could be too subjective and sometimes rude, but they give not only information about dating apps or sites. They give a necessary review of its functionality. The truth is somewhere in between, however, both of these opinions save your money.

Save personal information

Online dating sites are legal, nevertheless, some frauds made up pages here with one goal – stall your money. So, the decision is simple – don’t open your data to strangers. More than that, don’t believe a site that looks forward to fish for some hidden information.

Try free functions

Those sites that don’t have any free functions are highly shady. You are buying a pig in a poke and pay for options that you haven’t tried yet. This is extremely important for another reason – money return. Not all online sites have this function and the majority will automatically charge for your account. This brings you to another very important rule.

Read terms and conditions

The biggest part of people skips this while registration process. Though, this is a crucial stage. This is a kind of contract between you and the dating site. There will be surely written all the conditions under which your “cooperation” will be realized. If it’s referred to an app, skipping the conditions section, you can give the application access to your data stored on the phone.

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Afghanistan Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

Afghan brides are super shy

Don’t expect an Afghan woman to behave like an American one. They are much more reserved and, as already mentioned, very modest. According to their religion, it is not customary for them to look in man’s eyes, as while first date as while already closer communication. Even some married women may be shy in front of their husbands.

Don’t wait from her to be independent

In her motherland, she would belong to her husband in the strict sense. So, you could be asked to permit to do something. That’s not a trick, that’s how they were brought.

Don’t try to persuade Afghan woman to change her religion

In principle, this applies not only to Muslims. If you want and most importantly if you’re ready to share your life with a representative of another confession, you need to be extremely tolerant. So it is with your Afghan mail order bride. Be careful not to raise religious issues.

Her wealth is your duty

Traditionally, women are not accepted to work in Afghanistan. It’s not a good idea to make your wife find a job. Her family won’t definitely appreciate this gesture. So, the rule is simple – relationship with an Afghan woman is likely to be stereotypically traditional: a husband is a breadwinner, and wife stays at home with children.


So, you can be 100% sure that your bride from Afghanistan will be real flamekeeper of your house and wonderful mother of your children. However, you must understand that often Afghan girls start serious relationships only, and they are ready for marriage from the first date.