Why You Should Date a Turkish Girl?

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In their free time from study and work, Turkish women living in big cities meet with friends, go to cafes, restaurants, parties, and cinema, attend social events, go to fitness, and sunbathe in the solarium. For many of them, the best way to relax is to sit with friends in the cafe in the evening. They eat different snacks, have fun, listen to live music, sing.
In this large metropolis, the influence of the European lifestyle is very strong and local women, although they have completely preserved their traditional mentality, lead a full and active life. They work, hold political and public posts, drive a car, walk alone and do as their principles and education tell them. Previously, the Turkish bride did not work – the husband fully provided for his family and children. Now about 50% of work, children go to kindergarten, grandmothers are also engaged in them. Turkish girls are very fond of doing housework; they cook deliciously and variably and are famous for their hospitality. No matter how many guests come – 5, 10 or 15 – everyone will be surrounded by care and attention and fed a week in advance.

Turkish Women Traits and Characteristics

In this country, men are too weak and women are independent. Loneliness leads them to the bars. In large Turkish cities, they are normal towards representatives of the LGBT community. They live together quite openly, and this does not bother anyone. There are many women with a covered head, and you can meet ladies in a burqa, although this is usually Arab. For example, in the same bus, you can see a girl in short shorts or a miniskirt, a young woman with dreadlocks and a piercing, a Turkish girl in tight jeans and a turtleneck with a scarf on her head, and a woman in a black burqa with only eyes visible. All of them can normally communicate with each other and feel comfortable in modern society.

So that family members of the future chosen one notice the girl, she usually very dresses up before going out. However, there is a more effective way: you need to take the necessary bath accessories and go to the hammam. It is there that many Turkish women are looking for a future daughter-in-law.

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From time immemorial, the hammam has been a place not only for washing but also for complete relaxation. They can spend up to nine hours. Women eat, drink tea and sing. A kind of institution to relieve stress. Some go there to discuss different matters, share problems and concerns. Historical facts are known that intrigues were being woven in a Turkish bath and all kinds of conspiracies and coups were being prepared.

Besides, many women there, without wasting time, arrange the fate of their sons. They believe that there is no better place to find – where, if not in the hammam, you can appreciate the grace and beauty of the body of the future daughter-in-law. After all the bath procedures, Turkish women sit in relaxation rooms and drink tea. The atmosphere has this effect: the rooms have dim lights, quiet music sounds, scented candles burn.

After the conspiracy in the hammam, weddings are arranged. First, the groom and several women from his family go to meet with the prospective bride. A girl usually makes Turkish coffee. In the cup of the future spouse, she can add a lot of salt. To claim her hand and heart, a young man must drink this coffee. Such a rite is not accidental: this is done so that the man prepares for family life, learns to be patient with possible problems and hardships. Both families try to learn as much as possible about each other. If everyone is happy with everything, it comes to the next stage – matchmaking and bargaining with the dowry.


How to Meet Single Turkish ladies?

They are not friends with fitness. A Turkish proverb says about the canons of female beauty: “She was so beautiful that she had to turn to enter the door.” You can meet them anywhere, at the cafes, restaurants, cinemas. They like to spend their quality time near the seaside.

Husbands do not discuss their wives with other people and do not brag to their friends about their victories on the love front. In small towns and villages, you will never see spouses together. The manifestation of affection for his Turkish woman is considered indecent.

Turkish Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

Turkish bridesThere is a huge difference between men from a traditional family and a modern Turkish family. Also, Ataturk adherents are completely different from religious Turks. They desperately want to become Europeans, so they eagerly observe all the attributes of Europeans and will very much resist attempts to force them to quit bad habits. Such Turks will never be preoccupied with finding a virgin and engage in premarital sex, students live in mixed dormitories and often in pairs. But when it comes to the wedding, everyone should respect decency and pretend that the bride is a virgin, although everyone knows that the girl already lived with 3 different guys before the groom. It’s just customs and decency. Treason occurs on both sides, no matter how they state the opposite. Treason is especially frequent among modern urban Turks.

When this is settled, appoint a wedding date. The day before the celebration, the bride arranges a so-called henna night in the family. Usually, this is a bachelorette party that has nothing to do with drinking alcohol and a typical celebration in clubs and bars. The bridesmaids come to her house, untangle her braids and comb her curls. During this process, many sing and cry (especially the girl’s mother and her sisters). After that, the bride’s legs and hands are painted with henna. The invitees try the treats prepared for them, have fun and sing until the morning.

The next day, the girl is taken to the groom’s house. In villages, the virginity of the bride is still of great importance. If during the wedding night the spouse cannot prove her innocence, she will be sent back to her father’s house. After that, she and all her family will bear the stigma of shame.

After the wedding (if the girl at that time was 16 years old), many villagers who had previously attended school drop out of school. According to statistics, the literacy rate in these areas among the female half of the population reaches only 35 percent. At the same time, some abandon textbooks before marriage — in grades 8–9, preferring instead of studying to help with housework and housekeeping. Turkish women traveling from villages to universities located in cities can be counted on the fingers.

However, rural girls are also fighting for their emancipation, albeit in a rather unusual way. Many of them consider smoking one of the opportunities to show their independence, as well as just relax and “feel the freedom”. There are many smokers in Turkey, especially Turkey women, and do it with great pleasure, not paying attention to the surrounding children.

Turkish brides love to dance and sing to relax. “In the Black Sea region, there are more cheerful tunes, in Ankara and Istanbul, more lyrical works, usually about unhappy love.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TÜİK) conducted a study to find out how Turkish women relate to marriage by agreement. It turned out that 45 percent of those from 15 to 24 years old believe that alliances should be concluded in this way, while 35 percent of those surveyed chose their spouse.

  • 52 percent found the groom with the help of relatives;
  • 2.6 percent met future elects via the Internet;
  • 33 percent of men married by agreement;
  • 45 percent made a marriage proposal for love.

No matter how many guests come – 5, 10 or 15 – everyone will be surrounded by care and attention and fed for a week in advance, the benefit of preparing Turkish women is tasty, satisfying and varied. Moreover, for everyone, there is a sleeping place, a toothbrush and even a new washcloth with a razor. Every day or almost every day they wash, wipe, rub, knock out and shake out: carpets, floors, furniture, windows, walls, ceilings, curtains and in general everything that the eyes of their own or inspecting bodies in the face of their beloved mother-in-law or loving girlfriends fall on. You understand, to us with our general cleaning once a week for a short time and to be known as dirty people in such a clean society. Contrary to genetics and conventional wisdom, modern women do not walk with brushes or a crescent over their upper lips and carefully look after the facial hair as a whole. Down with a mustache and shaggy eyebrows, long live the mysterious oriental beauty!

How to Choose a Reliable Turkish Dating Site?

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You can meet Turkish single women on many reliable dating sites. The Internet is boundless like a deep sea. For example, Badoo or Tinder. Prior to that, you need to read the reviews and test the site thoroughly.
The social status of women in eastern states is much controversial. The emancipated Europeans are convinced that women are infringed on their rights because they do not defend their freedoms at rallies and demonstrations. But many do not even suspect that in Turkey at the time of the formation of the republic, the real “Women’s Revolution” (Kadın İnkılabı) took place. Calm down, everything worked out peacefully, without strikes and strikes. This period got its name because women received several rights, including the right to education.
For women, appearance plays a special role. And after watching oriental films, we draw the image of a Turkish beauty, wrapped from head to toe in a charschaff. Alas, your mysterious ideal corresponds to the ideas of the times of the Ottoman Empire, so you should have visited Turkey almost a century ago.

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The Turkish women are quite domineering, jealous, they love rivalry, because, unlike some Muslim countries of the Persian Gulf, everything is different in Turkey, the woman was traditionally equal there. Turkish women smoke a lot. They smoke always and everywhere. In restaurants or casinos, they have a habit of lighting a cigarette, taking a couple of puffs and putting it in an ashtray, the cigarette smokes and smolders, then Madame remembers it, but that one is gone, only the ashes remain! He lights the next one, and so non-stop. And they are friends with alcohol too, they drink wine, crayfish, whiskey.