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These dances of the Cambodian Khmer formed under the influence of India. Their plots and movements of the dancers of both countries have a lot in common. And the very name “apsara” is taken from Hindu mythology. According to her, the Apsaras entertained the celestials in the kingdom of the god Indra. On his behalf, they descended to the earth in order to seduce and distract from the fulfillment of vows hermits, whose power threatened the power of the gods. Over the centuries, strict demands were placed on the appearance of the dancers: short stature, thin waist, wide hips, high chest, graceful feet and hands.

Being a dancer in Cambodia is now a prestigious job. Girls learn the art of dance in special schools. To be like goddesses, dancers try to preserve as light as possible skin color. By nature, dark-skinned Cambodians do not spare funds for sunscreen and skin whitening products.

The national character of Cambodian girls is quite widely known – they are calm and restrained people who have some tendency to spend leisure time, respect the king and their country, and truly religious Buddhists. They are very tolerant of dissent or ignorance of local laws, but it is recommended not to neglect their patience. For the most part, they categorically do not accept alcohol and drugs, but this mainly applies only to European products. Some Cambodians, especially women, constantly chew betel nut. And men use chewing tobacco or various local herbs with a weak narcotic effect.

The sense of collectivism among Cambodian girls, according to many researchers, is very similar to Japanese. At the same time, community and even some clannishness are very noticeable. The institution of the family and religious traditions are especially revered here. Typically, Wat is a temple or pagoda itself, surrounded by a wall, a small “holy place” with Buddha statues, a pond and a residential quarter in which the monks live. Typically, the temple is in charge of an elementary school in which village children study.

Cambodia Women Traits and Characteristics

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Cambodia is a mix of Georgia, Thailand and Malaysia. In many ways, the country is similar to its Asian neighbors. But there are those highlights that make it special and interesting. For those who spent the winter or have been in Cambodia for a long time, many facts will seem banal and uninteresting. But for those who have not been or were not for long, such features will be interesting, and some points will seem strange. But in this case, it’s not always worthwhile to understand why this happens, it’s better to try to understand and accept.

The main asset is people. They are wonderful. What Cambodian beautiful girls. Those who want to lead their heads. We met very shy Khmers (they remind Myanmar) and this makes them even more attractive. Cambodian girls traditionally greet each other with a shake of hands and a bow similar to the Thai wai gesture, but in recent times, Khmers have been increasingly shaking hands. Women use the traditional greeting both among themselves and in communication with men. When visiting a private home, office or organization, it is customary to give a small gift.

When visiting a country, it should be borne in mind that it is not customary for Khmers to show their anger or anger (this means “losing face”), touch someone else’s head (especially children), point at someone with a finger, give and receive something with two hands (this can be done only with a “clean” right hand), place your feet on the table or show the interlocutor soles (feet due to constant contact with the ground are considered “unclean”) and raise the thumb up (for Khmers this is considered a sexual gesture) .

The main population of Cambodia is the Khmer. Khmers do not have such straight, often slightly curly hair, a dark-skinned, easily tan skin color (many children are generally almost white), a wide nose, and full lips. Khmer is a beautiful nation: men are short, muscular, women look like apsars from the bas-reliefs of Angkor – the same slender look, the same thin waist, wide hips and a soft smile of well-defined full lips. The bulk of the population lives in the central part of the country, in the Mekong Delta and the capital of Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is the country’s largest city with a population of more than one million. However, only 20% of the population lives in cities.

The most common religion in Cambodia is Buddhism of the southern branch – Hinayana (Theravada), which until 1975 was the state religion, and 93% of the population professed it. Slightly the presence of Islam, animism, Christianity and the sectarian teachings of Khao Dai.


How to Meet Single Cambodia ladies?

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Many people are wondering about what places they meet in order to find a serious relationship? According to the results of a sociological survey, the top 4 places for an acquaintance in order to create a serious relationship were identified.

  1. Cambodian girl dating sites. Even 15 years ago, such a way to find your love was perceived with an incredulous smile. But the survey showed that after a while this method of dating became the most popular. The pace of life every day accelerates and in the hustle and bustle of affairs, time becomes a luxury. The Internet allows you to do several things at once, including finding a soul mate and dating a Cambodian woman. You can learn a lot about a person before the first Cambodian women dating. Understand whether you have similar interests, hobbies, hobbies, and plans for life.
  2. Cafe. A classic place to meet people who have a lot of free time and who are not afraid of failures. It will be more difficult to get to know a cafe than on the Internet and it will take more time than on dating sites, but there is a definite plus. With live communication, you will immediately understand what kind of person is in front of you.
  3. The library. A place of crowded well-read and usually modest people. It is such a soul mate that a large number of people imagine. But unfortunately, in the world of information technology, all information and various works are in a global network. Therefore, meeting someone at the library at the moment is quite difficult, simply because there are very few people there.
    In fact, it’s not so difficult to find a person for a serious relationship. The most important thing is more determination and believes in yourself!

How to Choose a Reliable Cambodia Dating Site?

Among the abundance of dating sites, you can choose the most suitable for you or use the rating on a trusted site. One of the positive aspects of dating sites is that you remain yourself, real, as you are when you are not watched by dozens of eyes and hundreds of other people’s opinions are not imposed.

A variety of dating sites is just the way to chat. For those who are shy by nature, the very place to gather courage in communication. Shyness, of course, is eradicated in many other ways, but it’s quite realistic to start dating online.

In virtual space, you can have relationships with several Cambodian mail order brides at once. And the fact that you may never even see each other – this also has its own charm. Maybe at a meeting, this person will be the way you imagined him, or maybe better!

Cambodian Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

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Almost every guy wants to be successful in relationships with Cambodian mail order brides. This section describes the most common mistakes and some tips for dating, thanks to which you will increase the level of your skill in seducing Cambodian singles. Why do you think a girl spends her personal time in various beauty salons for hours? Why do they undergo this painful hair removal, manicure, pedicure, and much more? For yourself? Come on, she has a warm bathrobe and bunny slippers for herself. They do all this for the guys. The Cambodian dating girl will be pleased if you come up and show interest in her, that is what she is achieving, and you are afraid.

Eye contact with a girl. As you know, the Cambodian bride shows the greatest interest in the guy who looked at her for about 3-4 seconds, after which the interest in you begins to gradually fade. Therefore, it is very important to use this. You approach her as soon as possible, you say what you want and you ask what you want. It is necessary to overcome fear, they feel it.

How to get her phone number. If you had eye contact and you smiled at Cambodian mail order bride, and she answered you and showed other signs of interest, this means that you can safely take her phone number. For example, you can give her your phone and press the digits of the code of your country or city.

Compliments. Compliments need to be able to speak. In short: say compliments about things on which she worked tirelessly and for a long time or picked something up for something (for example, how her hair color matches the color of her handbag), and the fact that Cambodian wife has cool buttocks she is fine without you knows.

Be more persistent. Sometimes a girl may not give you her phone number right away, she wants to play with you. After all, this is natural, the girl wants a strong, confident man next to her. Cambodian brides want it even on a subconscious level, and you have to use it. This is a typical test of perseverance and you must pass it.

Cambodian Girls on Dating Sites

Which Cambodian women for marriage should you pay attention to on a dating site if you need a serious relationship? When a man appears on a dating site, he wants to get acquainted with beautiful dating Cambodian girls, and the more such Cambodian wives there are, the better. Appearance is important in the search for the second half, but do not think about what is most important. When a man gets acquainted with a serious relationship, he should be interested not only in the beauty of the female sex.

Pay attention to the photos that Cambodian girls for marriage shows. If she shows candid photos, it means that she is not looking for a serious relationship on the Internet. Most likely, she added such photos in order to attract the attention of the sponsor. You are looking for a wife, which means that you and she are not on the way. You need a woman who is not interested in your financial situation. Such a woman will not touch on topics related to money. From here you will not hear the question about the amount of your salary, she will not ask about what kind of car you have.

Cambodian brides who are worth getting to know will never begin to talk only about marriage. If a woman immediately talks about marriage, that she does not want to spend time on communication, which will not lead to marriage, then it’s worth considering. Most likely, you are dealing with a person who is ready to marry anyone. You need a woman who wants to marry just for you.

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You should pay attention to Cambodian women who will not be picky. Such a woman will not ask unnecessary questions. She will not ask why you broke up with your ex-girlfriend, she won’t find out what your character traits are. She will understand everything herself, in the course of communication. It will be nice to talk with such a girl, you will be comfortable with her.

If a girl makes you understand that you are not particularly interested in her, or dating is not a priority for her now, do not worry – this is quite normal. All people are different and many of them simply do not fit together. But you have a new experience, and you have learned to overcome your fears in the matter of how to get to know a girl.