Dating girls from abroad is very popular among American men. They want to meet girls from different countries. Someone loves Russian girls, someone loves girls from South America, and someone prefers girlfriends from Asia. There are tons of foreign dating sites out there and AsianFeels is one of them. How does it differ from others, what are its advantages and disadvantages? Let’s break it down in Asian Feels Reviews.

Why to Choose Asian Feels?

This dating service is inherently not much different from other sites like AsiaMe or Asian Cupid. There are subtle differences in the set of free and paid features, pricing, design, and so on, but those subtle differences are what makes a website better at times.

The home page of the site says AsianFeels specializes in girls from Southeast Asia. This includes countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. There are also girls from other countries, but these are the main ones.

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Pros & Cons

Advantages include:

  • Good design. It’s easy to register and use the site.
  • Inexpensive tokens. Only $ 3.77 for 20. You can read more about the paid features below, but it’s not really expensive compared to many dating sites.
  • It is possible to send real gifts using the website.

There are also a number of disadvantages:

  • No mobile app, which is a huge disadvantage for a website in 2020.
  • The site is not among the top dating sites in popularity, even among other Asian sites. Therefore, the number of girls online here will be less than on the largest platforms.

How to Sign Up?

The registration process is quite simple. You need to enter your name, email, date of birth, gender and purpose (for example, that you are a man and are looking for a woman), and also come up with a password. Unfortunately, there is no way to register with Google or Facebook, and this is a bit inconvenient.

Asian Feels Sign Up Process

After registration, you will be asked to fill out a profile and take a survey. Your answers will help find the perfect match for you more accurately.

The site rules say that you can register from the age of 18, but in reality, it is impossible to check the real age of all users.

Overview of Asian Feels

Asian Feels modelOverall, this is a pretty good service for wealthy Americans who are willing to pay extra for chatting with the best Asian girls. Everything here costs money. One the other hand, know exactly what you are getting. Girls register here with a specific purpose – to get to know a foreigner and go to him to get married. Therefore, you will not waste time on those women whose goals do not coincide with yours.

If you are looking for a completely free site, then this is not for you. You’d better try dating on Facebook then.

Membership and Payment Options

There is no way to buy a special membership plan like Premium or Gold. All users are equal. Many functions on the site, including communication, are paid. You can only view profiles for free or wait for the girl to write to you, which is unlikely. You must purchase credits to enjoy the paid features. Also, the site will give you 20 credits for free upon registration to evaluate the site.

Special Features

So, it was said above that you can buy 20 credits for $ 3.77. This means that 100 credits are equal to $ 18.85. What can we buy for them?

  • Correspondence with a girl: 2 credits per minute;
  • Stickers: 5 credits per each;
  • Photos: 10 credits to send a photo;
  • Photo comments: 2 credits per comment;
  • Sending an email: from 10 credits per letter to a specific user up to 30 credits for second, third and so on;
  • Gifts: paid separately, delivery cost – 100 credits;
  • Request for a real meeting – 625 credits.

What’s the bottom line? There are many paid features here and many of them are useless. It’s unlikely that you would want to pay almost a dollar to send a sticker, almost two dollars to send a photo, or $118 to request a meeting. You understand that this is irrational, and many girls understand this too.

Asian Feels brideYou can pay for the first 10-20 minutes of correspondence, and then exchange contacts on Facebook or Whatsapp. If the girl insists on continuing to communicate on the site, and will not listen that this is just a waste of money, you should not continue the communication. There is a chance that this girl is not real, but just a fake who wants to get more money from you.

As for basic services, they are quite expensive when compared to apps like Tinder, but good when compared to other international Asian dating sites. Any other Asian Feels review would say you the same.

Money Back

Refund policy varies by region. Asian Feels returns unspent loans to EU citizens within 14 business days, and also returns them to residents of ten US states, including California and New York, within ten days.

Residents of other states and countries can request a refund in the following cases:

  1. You bought credits by mistake and didn’t start spending them.
  2. You have lost money due to fraud.
  3. Your account has been blocked or deleted.

However, there is no guarantee that the site administration will agree to return the funds to you. They write that they can make a return “at our discretion,” which doesn’t sound very encouraging.

Asian Feels App

This paragraph will be short. It is impossible to talk about the application for a long time, because the AsianFeels app does not exist. Neither Android nor iOS. There is only a mobile version for the browser – We hope the app will appear in the future.

Security and Privacy

The site has given a lot of attention to its privacy policy. In addition to the user agreement that you sign upon registration, there are also pages called Terms of use, Payment and Refund Policy, Disclosures & Disclaimers Privacy policy and Cookie policy. So you have something to read in your spare time.

Asian Feels Security

The privacy policy says that the site collects your personal data, but you can prevent it from being collected and request that your data be cleared. You have to email them for this. In fact, unless you use your main mail to register, there is no valuable data that AsianFeels is able to collect. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

You’d better worry not about the threat from the administration, but about the internal threat that may await you in dealing with girls. Be careful not to give your number if the girl seems suspicious to you, and do not click on suspicious links. These are the basic rules for information security. Follow them at all times, and especially when visiting dating sites.


Let’s summarize. If you want to meet the perfect Asian girl, the best strategy is to sign up on multiple sites at once. Asian Feels is one of the noteworthy dating services, so add it to your wish list.

Find Your Love for Free


It’s time for most popular questions.

What Are Credits?

Credits are AsianFeels’ internal currency, which you can spend on things like correspondence, comments, photo sharing, and so on. You can buy credits for dollars at the rate of 20 credits for $3.77.

Is messaging free?

No, unfortunately, communication with a girl is not free. It costs 2 credits per minute.

How long new profile needs to be approved?

You don’t have to wait at all. You can start communicating immediately after registration, because verification is not required.

Is AsianFeels free?

Of course, you can register for free, but most of the functions will not be available to you. Therefore, the more correct answer to this question is no, AsianFeels is not free.

Can I use AsianFeels anonymously?

Yes, you can do this if your email is not tied to your social networks. You can also refuse to upload your real photo to your profile and do not fill out information about yourself. However, you should be prepared that it will be more difficult for you to meet a beautiful girl.

Asian Feels review has come to an end. We hope you found it useful. Good luck!