Why You Should Date an Iranian Girl?

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To start living together, the couple draws up a temporary nickname: it is done quickly, and its duration can be prescribed whatever. In Iran, it is customary to arrange chic weddings, but not everyone has money for it. Young people live together in a temporary nikah, save up for a wedding, and no one looks askance at them.

Couples in Iran often enter into a marriage contract, and there is one curious component in it – Mehri. This is a gift to the bride, which the groom makes either immediately, or his size is prescribed in the marriage contract: in this way, the wife will not be left without financial support in the event of a divorce, and the court will take care of the payment of the fur. As Mehri, there can be gold coins, as well as more creative desires, for example, 500,000 roses, a collection of poems hand-written by her husband and others.

Iranian Women Traits and Characteristics

At the same time, iranian women love and know how to cook deliciously, and they also always welcome guests and set up huge tables with many national dishes. When I first arrived in this country, we went to our guests almost every day and met with my husband’s relatives: in each house, we set the table and gave presents. And they also like tea very much: it seems that they are ready to drink it all 24 hours a day! The houses are always clean: yes, many beautiful iranian women do not work, but the apartments are massive.

Thus, an Iranian woman has the right to be anyone. An ordinary man wants iranian singles, but does not want – a politician, a doctor, a teacher, a director, an artist, a taxi driver, a seller, a policeman, a translator, and a journalist. Get educated and go. Over 65% of university students are women.

How to Meet Single Iranian ladies?

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Iranians calmly walk the streets alone, take taxis, drive cars, motorcycles, and mopeds, they can be seen at the table with men, and most of the employees in various institutions are women.

The head of the family is also often a woman, as she manages the family budget. Jeans, sandals, heels and fashionable styles are not prohibited within the permissible norms, modern Iranians look very stylish and fashionable. The scarf is most often used as a fashion accessory, and it is more likely to be thrown over the head, barely covering its hair. Sometimes they close only the tail on the back of the head. And if a handkerchief accidentally falls off his head, then no one falls into hysterics, everyone is completely calm and no one will make comments. According to the rules, a girl must wear a hijab from the age of 18, in very religious families – from nine.

Tourists are sent for a scarf, but locals can be taken to the police and fined. If a woman is in the veil, then this indicates not only religiosity but is also an indicator of high status. Most likely, this is the wife of a person with a high position or occupies a high post. Therefore, women in the veil are respected and treated nicely. Dating an iranian woman is amazing.


Iranian Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

Iranian WomenHijab in Iran is required only in public places, with extraneous men. At home, in front of her husband and relatives, you can walk in anything.

In Iran, it has recently become fashionable to do plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty. Therefore, on the streets you can often meet a girl with a band-aid on her nose, Iranian operations do not hide, because this is an indicator that the family has money for a surgeon. In the same way, breasts are enlarged and other body corrections are made. All this is not prohibited, but rather welcome.

It is very safe in Iran, late in the evening or at night, a woman can walk alone in any park, in any part of the city, without fear of consequences. No one will touch her finger. Sexual offenses, of course, do happen, but it’s a rarity that the whole country learns about. Rape in this country is punishable by the gallows.

Blonde hair often peeps out from under the shawl of an Iranian woman – it’s fashionable to dye a blonde here. And also – desperately to be painted: since the face is the only thing that is not forbidden to demonstrate, special attention is riveted to it.
So young iranian bride is not too worried about compliance with the Islamic dress code. Those who are younger just follow the formal rules: the head and neck are covered, the arms above the elbows, too, the legs are not bare. This is how most Iranian girls dress.

Women go in for sports in normal clothes, because men are simply not allowed to enter their competitions and training. The trouble begins when they have to go to international competitions. There single iranian women are obliged to hide behind, which, of course, does not contribute to the achievement of high results.

Nobody forbids Iranian women to communicate with outsiders: if a foreigner needs to ask her a question, no one will faint from such unheard-of audacity.

A woman may well speak to the man herself and even argue vehemently with him. Iranian women shake hands. And they do it first. This is an attempt to demonstrate to a foreigner his independence, but then he realized that this is normal behavior. With others, they also quite handle themselves, and this does not surprise anyone.

Many young women are not too worried about compliance with the Islamic dress code. Those who are younger just follow the formal rules: the head and neck are covered, the arms above the elbows, too, the legs are not bare. This is how most Iranian girls dress.

Women do not sit at home, they go to work. In the profession, which is considered to be masculine, they are not particularly allowed, but they work as many employees:

  • sellers;
  • teachers;
  • educators.

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Women are not allowed to attend sports matches – this is since men there are screaming and swearing, and women should not hear this. However, they still try to get there. In many public places and transport, segregation by gender is observed. At universities, boys and girls study separately. On the bus, men are sitting in the back, women in the front. In the subway – the same division. But when using elevators there are no such rules. In everyday life – there is NO disrespectful or neglectful attitude towards a woman. All insanity lies in the rules established from above. It seems to me that if for some reason they cease to act or control over their observance weakens, gender equality will quickly and painlessly be established in Iranian society. There are strict rules regarding clothes, but girls cheat as they can. Ideally, you should go in a black hoodie to the toes, covering everything except the face, and go in official institutions. Sometimes they even write on the door: “Islamic dress code required”.

But the less officialdom, the freer the form of clothing. But, for example, the waitress in a cafe on the territory of the museum complex looks a bit more relaxed: instead of a veil, she can put on a headscarf, even black. So, everything is not as terrible as you might think. At first, the abundance of women in black is, of course, frightening, but after a bit of fun, you begin to realize that they are not at all as constrained in their rights as is commonly thought.

For example, there are no fewer women driving an Iranian than in other countries. Compared to Saudi Arabia, where they are prohibited by law, Iranian motorists look simply defiant. The rich girls of Iran love branded things – Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada. Cabinets just burst with all this wealth! Fashionistas are obsessed with expensive things, and they try to wear them all at once – every new look is replete with magnificence so that you want to squint! Iranian girls live in a hot, sunny country, so they love various sunglasses, preferably in metal artsy frames – of course, from well-known brands. Instagram of these beauties, as a catalog of optics, – in it you can find the most intricate frames for every taste. Recently, iranian women for marriage have loved to emphasize their already bright beauty with the help of contouring makeup.

How to Choose a Reliable Iranian Dating Site?

There are such popular sites as ArabianDate and Badoo. You can also order iranian mail order brides. The first official marriage site has been launched in Iran. With its help, the authorities want to popularize legal unions and even developed a “marriage plan” – in 12 months they want to see 100 thousand new marriages in the country.

According to the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Iran Mahmoud Golrazi, there are now 11 million unmarried girls and unmarried men in Iran. At the same time, 300 illegal marriage sites operate in the country, which provides services and marriage online. In Muslim Iran, it is not approved when young people and girls seek life partners on their own. With the help of the site, the authorities want to bring courtship into fashion again and allow the family to influence the choice of children.

To create an ideal union, potential newlyweds need to have their profile on the site and indicate what qualities they want to see in their spouse. In addition to intangible values, it is necessary to indicate completely mundane criteria: age, education, wealth and nobility of the family.

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They are charming and mysterious. Despite the heat and some inappropriateness of sculpting in ordinary life, many of them prefer to paint in this way – as if painting their face anew. A girl can put on ripped jeans to shreds, a rather open top, and tie this chastity symbol – a scarf – over her head. By the way, in art it is beautiful to wear shawls to Iranians there are not equal.