Why You Should Date a Kazakhstan girl?

Kazakhstan Women

Since childhood, Kazakhstan women spend a lot of time with relatives, the girl is supposed to be modest, hospitable. A primary school student may well receive guests, for example. She can go to mugs for playing dombra (national instrument), dancing, skating (at the Medeo rink) and love forays into the mountains since Almaty is located in the foothills of Alatau. And someone gets a good education abroad and adheres to Western values.

Of course, like all the girls in the world, Kazakh women marry. Kazakhs believe that you need to get married early – up to 25 years. On the bride’s farewell, they dress up combining a white dress tradition for the West and Kazakh national costumes. Usually, the bride’s family is organized by the bride’s family, and the subsequent wedding is organized by the groom’s family. At the wedding, they do not differ from other brides in the modern world, so it makes no sense to upload photos.

Kazakhstan Women Traits and Characteristics

The first thing that catches your eye is the lack of fat citizens and a good complexion, which can be explained by a much better and more varied diet, as well as 300 sunny days a year. A pronounced Asian appearance and skin color – this is not so bad. Inside Kazakh culture, urban Kazakh women are opposed by their Aulian character. A Kazakh woman is an inanimate, ephemeral creature without feelings and emotions, and it is obliged to live like a ghost, giving in and pleasing to everyone. Unfortunately, it is this saying that legitimizes modern society to keep an eye on the “moral character” of a young Kazakh woman, to control:

  • behavior;
  • appearance;
  • and even her personal life.

Moreover, it is this saying that allows society to subject it to verbal execution on social networks and even on the pages of the media. It is especially difficult to challenge the modern interpretation of this proverb, as it has become embedded in our culture. The women of Kazakhstan are beautiful, they are more enduring than men and are more enterprising in obtaining everything necessary due to their energetic nature and proud character. Of course, even at the beginning of the 20th century, there were still enough examples of powerful Kazakh women who ruled families, clans or entire clans with an iron hand, but the overall picture was already completely different. It was natural. Stopping fighting, men turned their energy from the outside world into the inner world. Now they held in their hands all the assets of the family and made final decisions on all important issues. Kazakh bride has always stood out for its independence and openness to the most informal communication. A Kazakh woman could justifiably be considered much freer in communication with men than others. French women are known all over the world for their sophistication, Asians for their meekness, and the nature of the Kazakh woman to this day seems to us a mystery.

Kazakhstan Women Brides

Feminism in Kazakhstan is not another obsession that came from the West. The Kazakh woman was always free, self-willed and, all the talk about the historically patriarchal system, and about the slave position of the Kazakh woman in the family are deeply mistaken.

Our history has many examples of strong and strong-willed women, which we should not forget. Kazakh brides continue to glorify the country, achieve success and remain independent to this day. However, there are problems, and very often they come from a misunderstanding of women’s independence in our historical context. The idea of a strong woman always existed, of course, there was no concept of feminism in the open spaces of the Great Steppe at the time of yurts, nomads, and batyrs, but Kazakh women at all times were distinguished by their strength of character, and their difficult fate contributed to this in many respects. Of course, Kazakh women, as well as women of other nations, did a great job in housekeeping and raising children.

After all, a Kazakh girl should always be complaisant, well-mannered, obedient, but a Kazakh woman has never been like that. A woman living under a free sky, confidently sitting in the saddle and knowing how to kill an enemy at once, simply cannot bow to anyone or anything. They have always been and will be free and beautiful.


How to Meet Single Kazakh ladies?

How to meet the right Kazakh woman – today this is a popular topic for social networks and mass media. Does an oriental woman need to strictly follow traditions or should she be guided by western values? Who is she, a modern Kazakh woman? They are everywhere. They can pop up to the library or walking across the streets. Many of them are on dating sites. Don’t forget to use the Kazakhstan mail order bride.

Kazakh Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

Kazakhstan Hot Women

The modern Kazakh woman is an urban and advanced girl. She has a career and interests. The modern Kazakh woman skillfully juggles her work and family, so sometimes she gets very tired and approximately guesses that there is some kind of injustice in her life. But the Kazakh woman loves comfort too much and values status too much to change something. There is a certain conflict in the modern Kazakh woman. Seriously, there is, in each! For example, she wears a hijab but likes to swear. Or maybe she talks about feminism all the time, but she is ready to do anything for a man when in love. Or maybe she hates Kazakh, although she was born in a Kazakh-speaking family. It happens. We are a generation of ongoing internal conflict. But to some extent this is wonderful. In my opinion, a fairly large part of Kazakhstan’s identity is based on the diversity of cultures, ethnicities that live in our country. So let’s extend this pride to a variety of religious faiths, attitudes towards marriage and motherhood, and preferences in art. There are Muslims, and there are feminists (and there are Muslim feminists, by the way), one of the girls is already raising three children by the age of 25, and someone has not thought about marriage. And we can all learn something from each other, if we remain ourselves, but listen and respect other positions. That’s actually how to be a Kazakh woman today.

This is a submissive wife, a faithful mother, a woman who, however, never wore a hijab. Then she gets married and turns into the mother of the family, who does not address her father-in-law by name, whose eyes are always lowered down the valley and so on. This is such a legendary woman, whom, as it seems to me, has never existed. And which no one has seen. That is, we know that there was no such woman, but everyone appeals to her. That it should be like this: chaste, timid, but not clogged. The second image is the one that can be found in our streets. This is a woman making less money than men. Which is well respected in her home, she stands at the stove, while she can also work. She should wear a skirt below the knee, blouses with sleeves. To cover the chest and preferably the neck. This is a woman of the modern type, educated, receiving a good salary, and taking care of children on a par with her husband. A woman who has the same rights as men. A woman who is represented in government, business and other fields.

Kazakhstan Girls

It seems to me that these are women who can combine not only everyday life but also know how to show themselves in the entrepreneurial arena, for example, without infringing on their children, without depriving their family. And all this she does very well. Multitasking, multifaceted, comprehensively developed. Such a woman will always be interesting to her husband because she is not busy only with everyday life, she always has a matinee in life. It can develop, enjoy professional activities. She also leads an active social lifestyle. She is not an ardent feminist and not a housewife. She must be on time. Such a woman dresses as she is comfortable. A miniskirt is still more a prerogative of very young girls. For 30-year-olds, for example, no matter how perfect the figure, this is not entirely appropriate. Especially in our society. Everything should be in place. If she goes to relatives, for an official event, then she should dress appropriately. If she goes somewhere with her husband to Malibu for a party, then, in principle, there will always be an outfit that will be of interest to her and which her husband will allow her to wear. She must look back at her husband.

She will never dye her hair pink or put on an earring in her nostrils. Young girls are not averse to indulging in experiments, but traditions still hold back. For example,there’s no girl smoking or swearing in the presence of her parents. Here is also an unwritten taboo. A modern Kazakh woman outside of Almaty dresses in replicas because she does not particularly distinguish where the original is and where the fake is. The ultimate dream is a fur vest so that it fits everything.

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She stands out for her manners, knowledge of languages and education. It is known that she always supports her husband and often helps him out of difficult situations. After all, she had a huge responsibility, not only in everything to correspond to the status of her husband, but also to be his muse.

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The modern Kazakh woman is a peculiar mix of Asian and European culture. In some ways, she looks like a Japanese woman, but more independent, emancipated. The roots of her psychology should be sought in the traditions of the Kazakh people. The average woman prefers a restrained, traditional style.