Why You Should Date a Mongolian Girl?

Mongolian Women Brides

Mongolian women have long hair. To the shoulders – this is very short. Most likely, or to the waist, or even lower. And it looks cool. The Mongols are attractive. It turned out to be femininity – it is not measured by the cut of the eyes or the width of the cheekbones. Moreover, the chemistry works so that you will very soon stop paying attention to the fact that you are communicating with a representative of your haplogroup at all.

The Mongolian girls are educated. So, yes, in a country with a population that barely exceeded the 3 million mark in 2015 (like), higher education is a lot of almost all girls. The hot Mongolian women know their price and should be smart.

Mongolian Women Traits and Characteristics

Almost all young people speak not only English but also:

  • Korean;
  • Chinese;
  • Japanese;
  • French.

There are many tourists there all year round, so they have enough practice.

The beautiful Mongolian women sing amazingly. The song is an integral part of every Mongol’s life. Only in bed, you can’t sing – a bad omen. And so – karaoke, table, street chants, decent cafes, and restaurants will surely also have decent performers. If you get to Ulaanbaatar – visit our church, listen to the church choir. The hot Mongolian girls are infinitely faithful. For your sake, they are ready for very, very much. Just keep in mind: marry a Mongol – they married the whole huge family. Respect for elders is unlimited. At first, it will even be unusual for you: if you are at least six months older, you are sure “you”, not “you”. But they don’t know how to cook well. The set of Mongolian dishes is quite severe, and although they are tasty, do not expect special talents from women. Such is it, nomadic life: eat what they give, and say thank you, that there is food in all in a harsh land. Mongolians are very, very fond of their country, their language, their traditions. With a high degree of probability, you will speak in Mongolian much faster than you expected.

Mongolian hot Women

To get to the Mongolian school of acrobatics, for girls to start, it is enough just to have natural flexibility. Many young students come from very poor families, so they are forced to leave their home, usually located in the countryside, and go in pursuit of a dream. During training, girls can see their family only on holidays, and at their own expense. Some manage to go home only a few times a year, and then if you’re lucky. Although many Mongolian girls are gifted with natural flexibility, they all undergo rigorous training. Training begins at the age of five and includes the most complex exercises and diets to maintain flexibility. Training lasts at least three hours a day, up to five days a week. It is not surprising that novice students spend the first couple of months of training in tears, terrified by the severe environment and heavy physical exertion. Sometimes girls manage to find an outlet in friendship, but, unfortunately, they are all still very young and equally inexperienced.

Despite all the difficulties, acrobatics schools in Mongolia are very popular. Achieving financial success here is not so easy, especially for Mongolia girls. The art of acrobatics gives them a chance to take place as artists, see the world and earn much-needed money to support their families.

However, the growing popularity of Mongolian acrobatics has a downside. Given the incredible complexity and even the danger of the exercises performed, qualified and knowledgeable mentors are simply vital here. A lack of competent teachers who know their job can lead to serious injury to students and the flourishing of corruption in the education system.

However, concerning one of the main modern indicators of the civilization of the people — attitudes toward women — Mongolia has gone further than many. Even in a remote yurt without electricity and running water, sitting by the fire, the family father wants to send his daughters to study in the city, and not to marry as soon as possible. However, the availability of education and the Internet has changed the typical image of a young Mongolian woman – now she is ambitious, well-educated, able to provide for herself and does not depend on her father or husband. A huge role for both men and women in the employment is played by personal connections, the place of birth and even the zodiac sign, and not at all by gender.


How to Meet Single Mongolian ladies?

The problems of women here also do not boil down to the need to have time to do housework, the yard and deal with children. Successful and educated young Mongolians spend leisure time in bars and discos in search of partners that are critically lacking in the country. They are well dressed and well educated. Mongolian women dating will give you creeps! They are great friends, but they are nuts.

Mongolian Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

Mongolian Women

Over the past couple of decades, Mongolian families have contributed much more in their girls than in their children. Somebody sends the young ladies to think about within the capital with the trust that subsequently they will pay attention of them. Others need young ladies to memorize more valuable aptitudes within the advanced world, and livestock care is considered troublesome and manly. “Bad habit versa.” According to a few reports, 62 percent of college graduates within the nation are ladies. In addition, ladies have less unemployed, and they live on normal 10 a long time longer. Such a favorable picture to begin with look gives the Mongols a parcel of inconvenience. Young ladies, not at all like their guardians, cannot discover a commendable accomplice. Within the capital, where one and a half million individuals live, 60 thousand more ladies than men. Other than, in cities, almost 40 percent of men over 15 are hitched, whereas for young ladies this figure does not surpass 32 percent.

If in neighboring China the unrealistic requirements for girls look something like this: study, be the best, find a well-paid job, and then instead of career find a man with whom you will live like a princess, then in Mongolia, after a woman became successful, there are no suitable men.

The girls’ words confirm the studies, in which it is noted that Mongolian men consider women more ambitious. According to them, this is not very attractive. Many even wonder why the Mongolian brides invest so much in self-development, if this only increases the risk of being left without a husband?

There are good reasons for this attitude.

It is not surprising that the Mongols are strong and independent. The country throughout history has been one of the few Asian societies in which women have both rights and responsibilities.

In the family and the household, a Mongolian female was given an important role. Heavy steppe life implies that they must work alongside men. However, traditionally grazing cows and horses were considered too hard work – and mainly husbands and sons were engaged in it. The same thing went for horse racing. However, now the best riders are selected for the competition, and the floor does not matter much.

Mongolian Brides

Unlike many other women in the Middle East, Central and East Asia, Mongol duties were not limited to housework. While the men left for grazing, war, or hunting, the entire household remained on the women. Such an important role in the economy also affected the status of women in the ruling circles. This, of course, had a lesser effect on ordinary Mongolians. However, it is noteworthy that after the death of husbands in the war, the widows did not necessarily marry the relatives of the deceased or went to live in their house, as was customary in other Asian countries. On the contrary, they could assume his duties.

Women also face lower salaries, harassment and condescending attitudes towards men. The authorities are not able to provide them with decent medical care, support for mothers with many children, single mothers, and women who find themselves in difficult life situations. Many of the held Mongolians create non-governmental organizations and provide all possible assistance because not everyone has the opportunity to go to study abroad or even to the capital’s educational institution.

There is no law in Mongolia condemning domestic violence. It is quite difficult to punish a husband who raised his hand to his wife, he faces a maximum of administrative responsibility. The situation is aggravated by the fact that it is impossible to report violence anonymously; therefore, many victims prefer to remain silent.

The country has a law banning discrimination based on sex. Even though half of the workforce in the country is women, they still cannot work in industries that require high physical costs or are life-threatening. According to some sources, they receive, on average, 16 percent less than men. Also, questions about real equality arise because in the parliament of the country, only 17 percent of the deputies are women.

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Mongolians are beautiful, educated and passionate about work. All doors are open before them, and no one imposes their will on them. They are free, strong and independent. They fulfilled the dream of thousands of women around the world, becoming in many ways better than men. However, contrary to expectations, this was their main headache.