What do you know about the Bhutanese women? Have you ever met one of them in real life? Whatever your answer is, this article will help you to better understand these oriental beauties, their mindsets, culture and to see by yourself why they are appreciated by the American men so much that they come to this far-away country in search for brides.

Why Should You Date a Bhutanese Girl?

Indeed, what are the benefits of dating Bhutan singles? Let’s find it out together.

  • Bhutan mail-order brides are obedient. Bhutan is an Asian state with rather traditional society.Mira The tradition requires from the single women/wives to be obedient and humble. Thus, you will be an undisputed leader in the relationship. It does not mean that your partner’s opinion can be neglected or her needs ignored. It only means that if you marry a Bhutan bride, then she expects you to take the lead while she will support you in your deeds.
  • She has serious intentions. It is not common for Bhutanese girls to flirt without any intentions, especially when it comes to dating a foreigner. In this country, dating and marriage are sacred, people do not have this unlimited freedom of doing whatever they want in their private lives. Either it is good or bad, that’s the reality in this country so be sure that if you date a bride from Bhutan, she expects long-lasting and serious relationship.
  • You will discover a totally new culture. Dating a girl from Bhutan will be an interesting experience from a cultural standpoint. You will have a unique possibility to acquire deep knowledge of Asian traditions and mindset, this relationship will be enriching and fascinating. If you decide to marry the girl, your children will have huge benefits of growing up in a multi-cultural family: they will speak at least two languages, be open-minded and stronger.

Bhutanese Women Traits and Characteristics

If you decided to try international dating and chose Bhutan as your destination, then you would appreciate reliable information about major traits and characteristics of local women. Here they are!


  1. Natural beauty. Bhutanese brides prefer to be natural, avoiding excessive usage of the make-up. As a consequence, they stay young and good-looking till their forties.
  2. Family-oriented. For a mail order bride from Bhutan, the family is the most important thing. They do not have big professional ambitions but are taught from childhood to be good mothers and loving wives.
  3. Cold at first, open and hot later. At the beginning of a long term relationship, Bhutanese girls might seem a little bit distant and cold. Do not forget the fact that she might have never met an American guy before or even a foreigner in general, she might be a little nervous and scared, not to mention the languages barrier. However, she will change her attitude dramatically when she will start to trust you and feel self-confident in your presence. Then, she will reveal her open-minded character and hot nature.
  4. Smart and emotionally intelligent. Bhutanese women are educated and very intelligent, especially on the emotional level.

How to Meet Single Bhutan Ladies?

If you want to find love in Bhutan, there are a few options you can take. First of all, you can book a flight to this far-away country and stay there for a month or two. It will not be expensive (the average salary in Thimphu, the country’s capital, is around 300 US dollars) and it will be very interesting in terms of sight-seeing and discovering authentic local culture. However, not everyone can allow himself to change the country of living that easy. For this reason, the second option might seem more suitable: usage of dating apps or online dating sites to meet Bhutanese singles, there are dozens of them on the internet. In general, these platforms enable users to exchange messages, review profiles, organize video calls. All these services are fee-based but the advantage is huge: you can get in touch with beautiful Bhutanese women online, get to know them better and even after that go to Bhutan in order to meet the girls in person.

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How to Choose a Reliable Bhutanese Dating Site?

First of all, read all available reviews posted by the users themselves, you will find a lot of useful information there. Also, it would be great to find someone who has already married a Bhutanese girl thanks to a dating service and ask him about his experience. In addition, you can easily find tops of the best dating websites on the theme-based web platforms. Finally, you can sign up on a few different dating websites for single men, try them out and then make up your mind about the quality of services they provide.

Bhutanese Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating foreigners might be unusual and challenging. So, find below some basic tips/rules of dating a Bhutanese girl that will help your relationship to go smoothly.

  • Blend in her culture.Alisha It will help to gain her trust and show that you are interested in the long-term relationship.
  • Make her learn something new. Ask her out and go to the restaurant she has never been to, organize some interesting activities like dancing, extreme sports, etc. Try to impress her and make her believe that with you, her life will never be the same.
  • Give small gifts and always pay for her. Think about small romantic things you can give to her to demonstrate your feelings. However, do not buy luxury stuff – do not forget that Bhutan is a poor country and such presents might make her think that you try to buy her love (even if it is not at all the case).
  • Do not choose the body, choose the personality. It is a rule that can be applied to dating everywhere in the world. Of course, we are attracted by beautiful bodies; however, real love starts when you find your soulmate rather than just a beautiful doll. While messaging or dating, try to discover her inner world.
  • Do not rush things up. Give her time to get used to you, start to trust you, open up entirely. For a Bhutanese girl, online free dating is an important step, she does not start to look for love every now and then. The most important thing for you is to be patient but persevering.