Relations with Japanese women will bring into your life silence and harmony, with no particular activity and extreme. But, such boredom is not suitable for everyone, even taking into account the fact that no one will especially stand you

Why You Should Date a Japanese girl?

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If you want to connect your fate with a Japanese woman, I want to warn you about something. Let’s be frank. Each of you wanted to meet a Japanese woman. Yet, many of you think this is very difficult, if not impossible. Making a pleasant acquaintance with Japanese women is as easy as a pie. The hardest part is keeping it for a long time. Let’s get started.

Before you start dating, decide why you need this? Do you want to learn a language? Want to make a friend? Or maybe you are looking for marrying a Japanese girl. Whatever it is, you must understand the purpose. It is crucial to remember: Japanese girls, like any other person, are not toys. If you just want to indulge, then it’s a self-defeating idea. If you quarrel with a Japanese woman, she will not run to complain to friends about you. The girl understands that, no matter how bad you turn out to be, she chose you and gave her heart. If you want to date women of Japan, you can forget about the exploits. The girls there prefer a calm and measured relationship, and surprises scare them. Believe me, even a romantic dinner in a restaurant can cause a girl to refuse you, no matter how silly it sounds.

Do you know the feeling when anger or resentment caused by a generally left event tears you off? It happened to me when at work a girl quarreled with someone (or, for example, the boss offended).

The beautiful Japanese women won’t do that. She will keep everything in herself, but she will never blame her lover. Moreover, she will not be angry at him, realizing that you are not guilty of anything. If you’re her crush, she won’t be mad at you. She has chosen you.

Japanese Women Traits and Characteristics

Politeness, accuracy, patience, frugality, curiosity, and other features of the everyday plan close to them are grouped around the core feature – self-control. All this defines pretty Japanese girls.

Indeed, self-control and restraint are qualities that since ancient times were considered by the Japanese as the first signs of courage. These features of a national character are largely due to the influence of Buddhism, which preached patience, abstinence, and restraint.

In this connection life rules are interesting, which Japanese women are recommended to adhere to:

  1. reconcile with the situation, whatever it may be;
  2. find the opportunity to comply with the established rules;
  3. limit yourself to entertainment;
  4. consider a paramour as the cause of unhappiness.

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Following these rules, affected the special approach of Japanese women to the assessment of objective reality: fatalism was marked in the character of Japanese women and their worldview.

This trait has deep roots in the minds of Japanese women. In extreme circumstances, during natural disasters, Japanese women prefer to adhere to the position of passive waiting, and “let it run its course.” Fatalism, an irrational sense of predestination can be traced in various aspects of life: for many life events, the Japanese see some hidden forces. Yet, in parallel, modern Japanese have developed a rational approach to reality, often associated with personal interests. The criterion of rational behavior is success in life, which, according to the Japanese, depends primarily on frugality.

Politeness is undoubtedly one of the cardinal everyday-life norms in the national character of Japanese women. The alpha and omega of the Japanese lifestyle. Any word, gesture, deed, even impulse is marked with a seal of politeness.


How to Meet Single Japanese ladies?

There is nothing more mysterious in Japan than the Japanese women of our time. The role of women in modern Japan is very multifaceted. They have a good salary, love to travel and enjoy shopping with their girlfriends. In modern reality, they are not only economically independent of parents and husbands, but they also know exactly what they want to achieve in life. You can meet such girls at resorts, in clubs, or just online.

Among young working girls, there are many “rebels” who do not like the traditional norms of family life. They prefer to put the marriage on the backburner, and are not afraid of divorces. They are in no hurry to give birth to children. You must remember this before dating a Japanese woman.

How to Choose a Reliable Japanese Dating Site?

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Registration on a Japanese dating site today does not cause such a violent reaction from the society as it did 7-8 years ago. Now it is normal practice to find a partner. Moreover, it is a more progressive and effective method than the usual acquaintances on the street, because you can pick up the perfect Japanese women for marriage.

Demand creates supply, so hundreds of sites are represented on the online dating market today. How do you choose the best dating site among them? And how to understand that you made a mistake in your choice before it’s too late? Here are some simple rules for choosing a Japanese woman dating site.

Dating sites have their specifics that need to be understood and accepted. They bring together different people who are in search of relationships. By registering on a dating site, you can quickly find a partner, but you do not see her live, and thus perceive a certain image of this person.

Choosing the best dating site is an important step in finding a partner. Your success on a personal front depends on this decision. So how do you understand that you have found that one resource that suits you?

Though nowadays people believe in the reviews on any products less, it doesn’t mean that you should follow this trend. A professional review is always worth reading because you need to choose dating sites wisely preferably guided by the opinion of experts in the field of relationship psychology. Price isn’t the main criteria you need to pay attention to. Select a dating site based on paid options you need, as well as the convenience of its interface.

Look through several aggregator sites with the information about online dating resource you’ve chosen. Keep in mind that different forms and functions may influence your match.  Revise several expert opinions to select the best resource for you.

Do users’ reviews count? For sure! Don’t hesitate to look for them on some forums or in AppStore and PlayMarket. Here you’ll find if not detailed, then more faithful information from real subscribers. As a rule, people tend to write about issues more than disadvantages. However, that will help you to decide what is the most disturbing in the site functionality.

Wordy commentators are especially valuable as they describe their experience thoroughly. Such reviews could answer the main question – is this site useful or not?

This question will arise in the head of almost every man before dating Japanese ladies. It is immediately worth noting that doing this without knowledge of English or Japanese will be quite difficult since a very small percentage of Japanese women speak other languages. And a boyfriend who is fluent in foreign languages will look much more attractive. Here is just a small list of services that you can use to get to know:

  • Facebook
  • Hello talk
  • Hello Pal.

These three social networks should answer the question concerning meeting  Japanese mail order brides on the Internet. After all, they are distributed throughout the world. So with the help of these messengers, you can easily find the Japanese brides with a mark in the status: “I’ll meet a Japanese woman for a serious relationship”. After some time of communication, you may be able to exchange contacts on Skype to go to the next level, conquering the Asian woman with your appearance and charisma.

Japanese Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

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The main rule in communicating with the Japanese is that you must not violate her personal space. When talking with her, keep a distance. “Eyes are the mirror of the soul”. The Japanese are not used to flaunting their souls; they rarely look at their interlocutors’ eyes.

This has already settled in ancient times: it was impossible to look into the eyes of a man standing above you on the social ladder. It was considered unheard ignorance.

Today, a direct look into the eyes in Japan is a sign of aggression, a kind of challenge. For example, when parents scold their teenage children, they don’t overwhelm them, but simply brazenly look into their eyes.

If the Japanese constantly won’t meet each other’s eyes in a conversation, you should not think that he is cunning or hiding something. This is normal. You need to get used to it.

Bows, greetings, gratitude, apology, respect – all this is expressed by the Japanese through obeisances. The bow is an integral part of Japanese culture. Some bow, even talking on the phone (on the machine, unconsciously). The right bow is a sign of good breeding.

Going empty-handedly is a bad form with a Japanese girl. Gifts are an important part of Japanese culture. They are given for holidays, on special occasions, as a sign of respect, sympathy, etc.

Basic rules for giving gifts:

  • A gift must be packed.
  • You can’t immediately unpack the gift (a sign of curiosity and greed).
  • For a very expensive gift, you should “apologize” (your humble gift still cannot express the respect that you have for the one who is being presented).

Most Asian women don’t appreciate expressing feelings in public, so they don’t allow to be kissed in a public place. This is immediately apparent when a Japanese girl begins a relationship with a foreigner. In case you decide to start building relationships with a Japanese woman, then be prepared for this.

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What conclusions can be drawn? Of course, the effectiveness of building a relationship largely depends on the characters of two people, but, if you follow all the recommendations described above, then the chances of winning the heart of an Asian woman will increase several times. You can make her your Japanese wife. Think about it? It gives you the creeps.