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Traditions help people preserve their culture, through which values, norms of behavior, and ideas are transmitted. But something is becoming obsolete and losing relevance, and something is adapting to modern conditions. Islam plays a large role in the public and family life of the Kyrgyz. The Kyrgyz people have a great many rites, traditions and rituals associated with them, however, they can be conditionally divided into the following categories: material cultural objects, calendar, nomad, and of course, the most significant and interesting category – milestones of human life and events associated with them.

Religion determined and determines the everyday, family, and worldview aspects of life; it has a strong influence on political processes and art, on the whole way of life. After the Kyrgyz adopted Islam, many pre-Islamic customs and rituals either underwent significant changes or were supplanted by the traditional rites of Islam, but many merged with new canons and organically interwoven into the modern life of the country.

Previously, 13-14 years old were considered marriageable age for a Kyrgyz girl, nowadays quite European norms prevail here, although cases of early marriage are not uncommon. The relations of relatives of the bride and groom, later husband and wife, with the Kyrgyz people are distinguished by emphasized attention, and even with a bad relationship, you can always count on mutual assistance. Children also enjoy universal love, and the name is given special significance since it is believed that the name will determine the future of the child and can affect his fate.

Birth Traditions

According to Kyrgyz traditions, after the birth of a child, one holiday was replaced by another. Relatives were supposed to give a small cash gift to the one who was the first to tell the good news about the birth of a baby – suiunchu, another reward – a chipmunk – was awarded for the right to see the baby. Choosing a newborn’s name is also a ritual. According to custom, the woman did not give the name itself to the child. This mission was assigned to the most respected person in the environment or to the oldest in the family.

The main traditions that every Kyrgyz should remember

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They took marriage very seriously and responsibly, tried to intermarry with noble families and clans. The wedding, and the customs and rites associated with it, are the most colorful and substantial part of the entire ritual complex. As in any culture, the Kyrgyz wedding is considered the most colorful event and even turns into a series of celebrations. If the girl got married, then the parties discussed in advance all the conditions of the wedding, the size of the kalym (ransom). Parents arranged for her Kyz Uzatuu (seeing off from the parental home). The matchmakers brought kiyit there (valuable gifts to the matchmakers) and gave them kalym. After the blessing of the parents, the girl was taken to the groom’s house, where a white scarf was put on her. The nickname (religious marriage) was already held in the groom’s house, and they were assigned the ocul ata, ocul ene ( planted parents).

After the wedding night, the relatives checked the linen to make sure that their daughter-in-law was a virgin. In this case, the girl’s mother, in gratitude for a good upbringing, made a separate monetary gift. The next day, more and more new relatives came to see her daughter-in-law, at a meeting she had to bow to them three times. Over time, this part of the wedding tradition was forgotten, and the daughter-in-law bowed only the first few days. Note that wedding traditions in different regions are different, and weddings are held according to their own scenario, depending on the financial capabilities of the family.

In the new family, there were customs of the prohibition against the daughter-in-law. In the old days, she was forbidden to call her husband’s relatives, she had to come up with a kind of pseudonym. For example, she called her husband’s youngest brother kichuu bala (youngest son), and Erke Kyz (a spoiled hot girl) turned to her husband’s younger sister. This prohibition was valid throughout the life of a woman, and even in old age, she had to show an appropriate attitude to her husband’s relatives.


How to Meet Single Kyrgyzstan ladies?

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Online dating. What are the benefits? The way of acquaintance on the Internet has recently gained more and more popularity, which is explained by certain advantages over acquaintance live. Online dating gives two people a sense of anonymity. In rare cases, for example, if the conversation partner seems strange or even not very normal in communication, you can simply stop the correspondence. People who get acquainted on the Internet feel their security because no one sees them at the moment, and no one is around.

On the Internet, you can communicate easily and naturally, because the method of communicating by correspondence gives a certain amount of time to find the right words. People easily communicate with each other without experiencing embarrassment or excitement. During communication on the Internet, you can find out everything about a person – his interests, habits, how he spends his free time, where he works. And if everything suits, only then people agree on a personal meeting, already knowing the necessary minimum about the interlocutor.

Another plus is that in order to get acquainted with the Internet, you do not need to allocate a lot of time from your schedule. You can communicate in any free minute – during breaks in work leave a message, after work see the answer and write again.This method is very suitable for modern people with a home-work-home life schedule.

Internet communication is suitable for smart and good people who are just a little shy, and at the first acquaintance, only in reality they can get confused and make an unpleasant impression on their interlocutor.

How to Choose a Reliable Kyrgyzstan Dating Site?

To start dating on the Internet you should choose a suitable dating site. You can find many sites on the Internet, but the ratings of the most popular and safe dating sites can help you choose. In the ratings, you can find out all the information you need in order to choose a decent site. On dating sites, people fill out a questionnaire about themselves, from this profile you can find out some details that will be inconvenient to ask about when meeting in real life and on a first date.

It is very easy to find a soul mate that shares your interests. For example, if you like outdoor activities and want to find yourself the same active soul mate. To do this, you need to conduct active communication in forums and in groups where people discuss different trips, share their impressions of different places, exchange experiences, and even actually choose all together on different trips. In this way, you can make yourself many new interesting acquaintances, where your half will surely meet sooner or later.

A huge number of people communicate on the Internet. The scope for finding a soulmate is simply huge. With the help of dating sites and various other sites and forums, the chances are very good to meet a worthy person who really needs you.

Kyrgyzstan Woman Dating: tips for men how to behave on a dating site

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Many young people are interested in the question of how to get acquainted with a lady. For some, this seems like a mere trifle, but for some, it is a question from the category of science fiction, for fear of appearing stupid or being rejected. It is out of fear that the chance will be missed to find your love. So let’s see how to get acquainted with a hot Kyrgyz girl?

Many representatives of the stronger sex, after a long moral mood, trying to get acquainted with a lady, are refused only because they do not choose the right situation when they meet. If a Kyrgyz girl is in a hurry, is late, or is at work under the strict control of the leadership, you will fail 100% when trying to meet you.

The girl should not be in a hurry, you should have time to just chat. Dating sites are very good for this. You can write an original comment on the photo or give a virtual gift. After all, they exist precisely for this, it will be easy to get to know there. Especially if in real life it’s hard for you to just take and approach the girl taking the initiative. So, you have registered on the dating site. And, of course, you want people to communicate with you so that they pay attention to you. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Be sure to post your photo on the site. There is an opinion that for beautiful Kyrgyzstan women the character of a man is more important, and not his appearance. By and large, this is indeed so. And yet this is not a reason to refuse to post a photograph. Firstly, profiles with photos are always of great interest. Secondly, to communicate with a person whose appearance is known is somehow more comfortable. The lack of a photograph is suspicious.
  2. Write your favorite girls yourself. Do not expect that you will begin to write. It so happened that a man in a relationship always leads. Not every Kyrgyzstan girl can go up on the street to the man she likes to get to know each other. Not everyone can write first. So you have to take the initiative. If you sit and wait until they begin to write to you, then you may not even wait for this.
  3. Look not only at the photo of the Kyrgyzstan woman but also at what is written in her profile. This advice is primarily for those who came to the site in search of a serious relationship or even a future Kyrgyzstan mail order bride. Many men pay attention exclusively to girls of model appearance. But remember that if you are looking for a serious relationship, then you still have to communicate with this girl. Think about whether you need one with whom you will have nothing to talk about, even if she will be incredibly beautiful.
  4. Girls love self-confident men. Take the initiative in your own hands. Ask the girl her opinions in order to find common topics for conversation. Be sincere. All modern dating courses and pick-up training insist that the main thing is to be yourself. Indeed, all people feel pretense or posturing, which in turn causes distrust of the interlocutor. Be sincere, and of course do not forget about the appropriate compliments.
  5. After you met and took the girl’s number, the question arises when to call her ?. This is not so important, the main thing is not to delay for a week, you can even call in the evening on the day of acquaintance, wish good night and invite to a date. Drop your fears; if a girl gave you her phone number, she already liked you.

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Date. If your acquaintance happened on a dating site, then it is better to make the first date no later than two weeks later. During this time, you will have time to get to know her better, there will be topics for conversation, and you will definitely decide whether you want to continue communicating with her in real life. If your acquaintance happened in real life, then you need to invite for a date no later than a week later.

For a first date, you should not choose places where it is noisy and where your attention goes not to each other. Therefore, no movies and concerts, football and hockey. Perhaps the most ideal place would be coffee or a park where you can chat in a relaxed atmosphere. If suddenly you decide on a second date, then you can already choose movies, concerts, quests, laser tag, etc.