Russia is a huge country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia with a large population. More than 50 million girls live there, and many of them would like to marry an American man. Are you ready to give them this opportunity? Is it worth it? Let’s get to know more about this in the article.

How do Russian Brides Look Like?

Russian Mail Order BrideWe are talking about multinational country. Several dozen different nationalities live there, some of them speak their own language and have their own pronounced features of appearance. However, when we talk about Russians, we often mean the same type of appearance — the most common, inherent mainly in the European part of Russia.

A typical Russian bride has blonde hair (but not as blonde as in the northern Europe). Eye color is often gray or blue. Brown is also common. The skin of the Russians is light, but on the face, it has a red-pink tint. The average height of a Russian lady is about 165-170 centimeters (5,4-5,6 ft). Russian women are easily recognizable among foreign brides, but primarily not because of their innate appearance, but because of their style. Girls in Russia often wear makeup, dress brightly, wear dresses and heels for no reason.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Russian Women for Marriage

People from every country are neither good nor bad. Each country just has a unique mentality. Obviously, the average US girl will be different from the average Moscow lady. Let’s just list the common traits of Russians.

These girls take marriage very seriously. Traditionally, the man is considered to be the head of the family. Today this is not always the case, but many girls are ready to accept this role, provided that the husband is stronger and smarter than they are.

Russian Bride

  • They are very responsible house-keepers having strong family-values. There are many single-parent families in Russia where the child grows up without a father, and where the girl takes over all the work.
  • Slavic girls are very beautiful and feminine. This fact attracts European and American men.
  • They are honest and sincere. It’s easy to find a common language with them.
  • In Russia, many tend to go to live in one of the big cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg or Yekaterinburg. Life in the countryside may seem too boring to them. If you live outside of metropolitan areas, this can be a problem for your lovely.
  • The girl may seem unfriendly to you due to the peculiarities of the local character. It will take you a while to get used to it.
  • There is a problem with the language barrier and the time difference. Many Russian brides do not know English well, and the difference in time zones can be up to 9-12 hours. This is not a problem for a wedding, but it will be a problem at the first steps.

The advantages and disadvantages are close to the truth, but remember that these are just stereotypes. Every person is unique.

Why Do American Man Love Hot Russian Wives?

They are good girlfriends and wonderful Russian wives at the same time. They are fun to interact with and are also good at housekeeping and childcare. The benefits of dating Russian women for marriage have been described above, and these are the reasons why Americans love them so much.

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Why Does Russian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Finding a partner in such an unusual way is every person’s choice. There is nothing wrong. If you are reading this article, it means that you may want to mailorder Russian bride too.

There are a lot of brides who want to marry a foreigner. There are also large agencies out there that offer such services. Why is it so popular?

Due to the difficult economic and political situation in the country, more and more people are looking for ways to immigrate. Many girls, especially young ones, do not want to stay in Russia. Meeting American men is one of the possible ways for them to leave.

5 Tips When Dating a Russian Girlfriend

Russian Mail Order Wife

  1. Register in new messengers or social networks to make it easier for her to communicate with you. Messengers WhatsApp and Telegram are popular in Russia, as well as social networks VK and Instagram. A beautiful Instagram profile will be a big advantage for you to make a first impression.
  2. Be the initiators in the relationship. Write to her first, choose the time and place of the meeting yourself. Don’t expect her to take initiative because many women aren’t ready to take on the lead even if they really like the guy.
  3. In their culture, it is customary to go to a cafe or movie on a first date. The cafe will be better because you will have the opportunity to socialize and get to know each other. The man traditionally pays all the expenses of the date.
  4. Use body language. This will make you look more attractive against her shackled friends.
  5. Be open about your sympathy to your potential Russian wives.

How to Marry a Russian Woman?

If you are looking for a Russian wife, there are several ways to find her.

The first way is to find it naturally. The way people usually find love for themselves. Meet a girl in real life or on a dating site. Start chatting with her, then ask her out on a date. Get to know each other better, then start a relationship and finally get married.

The second way is mail order brides. This is a way for those who are determined to quickly find a wife or husband. Men usually come to agencies at a late age, when it is difficult to meet someone in real life, but there is money to order a bride from another country. Women usually register in a Russian mail order brides services to marry a foreigner and move to another country.

The first way is easy to understand. You already know how to build relationships. Let’s talk in more detail about the second method.

Zero Step Before We Go: Choosing a Dating Site

Russian WifeChoosing the right dating site is our path to find a good Russian mail order wife You may find ratings of dating sites and Russian mail order wives on the Internet. This is not the topic of today’s article. Instead, here are some tips for choosing. What signals are good or bad on online dating site?

What is good:

  • The site has been operating for over five years.
  • There are many registered users on the site.
  • It is included in the top services in at least three ratings.
  • Closed access for girls and careful selection of candidates.

What is bed:

  • There are pictures of naked or semi-naked women on the site page. This means that the ladies on the escort site are not the brides.
  • The number of users in the ad does not match the real one.
  • There is no selection of girls or verification of profiles. In this case, there is a high probability that there will be a lot of scammers on the site, not real mail order brides.

Step 1: Registration on the Site to Find Russian Girl for Dating

Bride search sites from other countries differ from regular dating sites in several ways. First, there are fewer girls here, but they are more inclined to serious relationships and weddings. You don’t have to weed out frivolous girls. Second, mail order brides dating sites are more expensive. It will cost you at least $ 10-50 per month, and full access to premium sites up to $ 500 per month. Third, the members undergo a more detailed check. The chance of stumbling upon scammers is small. Brides often fill out a detailed questionnaire about themselves and send documents.

Step 2: Looking for Potential Russian Wives

Russian Brides FreeSometimes communication happens like on a dating site (you are looking for a potential couple, and in case of mutual sympathy, start a correspondence). Sometimes an agent or administrator helps you. He looks through the profiles himself and allows him to meet two people who are perfect for each other. Depends on the site.

Step 3: Communication

A responsible but pleasant step. You and your girlfriend are texting, video chatting, and so on. Get to know each other better to find out if you are right for each other. The communication stage can last from several months to six months.

Step 4: Meeting with Your Partner

Now is the time to meet live to get to know each other even better. It doesn’t matter whether you go to Russia or the girl goes to the USA. You can agree on this. If you want to invite your partner to the United States, be prepared to pay her travel expenses: documents, visa and air ticket. A visa for travel between RF and the United States is needed in any case, even if you want to travel to Russia. The term for preparing documents is from 2 to 5 weeks.

Step 5: Wedding

Are you happy together and want to become husband and wife? You can register your international marriage both in RF and in the USA. If you plan to live in America, it will be better to register your marriage there.

When it comes to wedding traditions, they are very similar. Invitation of guests, formal ceremony, white dress, exchange of rings and so on. The wedding script will be almost the same. If a girl wants to invite her friends and relatives of your wife from Russia to the wedding, they also need to get a visa in advance.

Final Thoughts 

We live in a time when everyone can freely choose a partner from any country. Just a few decades ago, marrying Russian wives was a daunting task. Now it’s a little more difficult than marrying an American woman. If you really want to marry a Slavic girl, then it is well worth the effort.


Men often ask:

How to Meet a Bride?

If you live in a big city, there will almost certainly be many Russians. An American metropolis like New York has diaspora neighborhoods like Brighton Beach. But if you live outside the big cities, you can always meet someone online.

Do Russian Women Speak English?

Most of the population does not speak spoken English. Young beauties can keep the conversation going, but most older women have little knowledge of the international language. Now there are many online English schools, so anyone can improve their English at least to the level of Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate.

How Much is a Bride?

We live in the 21st century. Slavery was prohibited, so such questions are incorrect. You can’t just buy a bride. If you want a wife for money, you can use mail order brides services. The girl will marry you for free with mutual sympathy, and you will pay only for the services of the agency. Access to the site can cost from $10-50, the most expensive services charge $200-500.

What Makes Russian Girls so Special?

This is the huge country with a unique culture. This is a mentality that combines the features of the European and Asian worldview. This is why beauties are unique and so adorable.

We hope this information will be sufficient. We hope you found the answers to all your questions here. Good luck!