Each man is looking for an attractive and loyal woman who can become true support and a guardian of the hearth. It seems that in the modern world it is impossible to find such a girlfriend. But what about beautiful Thai women? They are different from American or European girls. Thai ladies look after appearance even at home because want to look good for husbands, women take care of homemaking and are great moms for their children. So, do you want to date Thai girl? Let’s talk about it.

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Why You Should Date a Thai Girl?

Over the past 30 years, the number of marriages of Thai girls with men of other nationalities, especially Americans and Europeans, has increased significantly. And it is not surprising. In recent times Thailand has developed into a decent tourist destination and has already attracted millions of tourists. When single men come on vacation, they are amazed by the beauty and uniqueness of beautiful Thai ladies. All because girls are really different from American or European in nature: less ambitious, restrained and unspeakably sweet. So having a date with Thai female is a valuable experience. And there are some reasons why.

Rich culture

In Thailand, there is an extremely strange but rich culture. It makes a foreigner feel like with an old friend whose he has not seen for 10 years: everything is familiar but at the same time unusual. To get acquainted with each other, go on a date with a Thai woman. Females are open and educated here, so you will definitely find common ground and learn more about each other’s culture. Do not also worry about feeling uncomfortable. Thai traditions will not allow a girl to behave in a rude manner with a stranger. On the contrary, hot Thai women are accustomed to always smiling to make others feel more welcoming.


Don’t worry about the language barrier and differences of interest. In fact, Thai women are really smart and almost every young girl knows English. Furthermore, beautiful Thai girls have a great outlook that allows to easily find a language with anyone. As confirmation, it is worth saying that Thai women marry American or European men twice as often as an Asian.

Sociability and unpredictability

Thai dating will be the most unpredictable event that you have ever had. Hot Thailand girls love a dramatic change in life and look for new adventures. Along with a Thai woman, you will understand how unpredictable and interesting life can be. She will teach you to enjoy moment right now and appreciate what you already have. In addition, the Thai girl is not only easy-going but also communicative. She will support you in any topic, and if you make her laugh, girl will be interested in you even more.


Thai Women Traits and Characteristics

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Women in Thailand have many good and characteristics that attract men. They are women of incredible contrasts and emotions. Girls laugh a lot and are usually happy, they can demure and sweet at the same time, be shy, but alone with men be sexy and open. It is unable to fully reveal the nature of a Thai girl, but there are certain traits that remain the same throughout life.


Exotic appearance, namely tanned golden skin and large dark almond eyes, attracts many men. Even though women have perfect figures from nature, they are still constantly working on their bodies. Thai girls are accustomed to leading a healthy lifestyle, eating wholesome foods, caring for skin daily. All because wives want to look perfect next to husbands.


Thais is one of the sexiest nations in modern world among the girls. Thai women are used to dressing up in sexy outfits and behaving openly with man. Among strangers, they will be shy and, when left alone with partner, they might be indecently sexual and seductive.


Thailand is by far not the most developed country in our world, lagging behind in comparison with the countries of Europe and the USA. Nevertheless, girls follow the latest trends in fashion and look stylish. This is especially noticeable in tourist cities where there is a greater influx of tourists and are more brand stores.


Thai wives are really faithful to their partners as they feel a responsibility to be good girlfriends. Yes, women like being candid and experiment with sex, but only with own husband, who they are sure of. Family always comes first for Thai women. Therefore, no one else will make them to betray. Thais will give all love, warmth, and loyalty to the partner to the last.

Focused on family and strong family values

Thais are extremely close to family and own traditions. They used to spending more time with family than westerners are. Thai girls take pride in taking care of their elderly parents. They are really happy to help and accept for the honor of living with grandparents.

People in Thailand also can combine family affairs with their desires and goals. Thai woman is purposeful and persistent. However, if the husband or other members of the family insists on devoting more time to the family, Thai woman will leave the job.

Marrying a Thai woman, you must understand that you are becoming much closer to her family. These are the traditions Thais are so accustomed to preserving. But it is worth admitting that Thai females show respect to their traditions as much as the traditions of boyfriend or husband. Thai woman appreciates him as well as his side of the family.

Responsibility to be a good girl, wife, and mother

Thai women do feel a great deal of responsibility, both in relationships and in the family. Thai brides want to be the example of a loyal wife and a loving mother. As for the upbringing of children, women are extremely fond of them and want to teach the best features. Sometimes they can allow children too much, which requires a man with strong spirit to control family affairs.

Hospitality and kindness

Girl Thai is outgoing and welcome. You do not definitely feel uncomfortable during dating. She quickly makes contact with everyone and is happy to make new acquaintances. When it comes to family life, a Thai girl is always happy to welcome guests and does her best to make everybody feels at home.

Control over emotions

Thai women are very reserved and know the boundary. They will never yell at their husband and “beat the plates” at the time of the altercation but will try to calm the conflict peacefully. In contrast to the Americans, Thais are accustomed to giving all care, warmth and avoid misunderstandings.

How to Meet Single Thai Ladies?

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People who travel a lot, especially to Thailand, have good chances to meet single and hot Thai women and have a date. However, it is real to do it without leaving the house, just surfing the Net. There are some ways to meet Thai woman:

  • with the help of Thai dating agencies,
  • through a Thai mail order brides,
  • on social Thai Dating Sites.

Coordinators, who work in the agency, get in touch with customer about the purpose of finding a girl and the requirements. They pick the girl according to all preferences and build a relationship via text message or video chat.

If people have a fear of being disappointed with your girlfriend, Thai mail order brides will help them. It will allow browsing through thousands of profiles of Thai brides and find the most suitable one. There is ability to filter all requirements that make the search even easier. All consumers have to do is sign up and pay a monthly fee.

Social Thai Dating Sites the most common way of finding single Thai women for dating. Here men can chat with girls and make online dates. This means of communication brings everyone closer and a chosen girl becomes a part of daily life.

How to Choose a Reliable Thai Dating Site?

Searching for a reliable dating a Thai woman site can be a problem that people are supposed to deal with. No one wants to become a victim of identity theft or lose money. That is why you do not need to show attention to the website’s design, the beauty of girls’ profiles or the number of users. Other tips make sites dependable.


The most important feature of dating websites is safety. If it is safe, just use it. However, people need to know that a high level of safety and anti-scam policies cost some money that must be paid for use.


Are you afraid of meeting with a non-existent personality? To avoid this, choose a site with a high level of verification. Some sites have email verification, which is good, but not strong enough. More reliable sites require a copy of your ID: driver’s license, passport, etc. This is not obligatory, but necessary for own safety. If there is on the girl`s profile like “verified” badges, it means that this account is 100% real.


If you choose a site with a reliable verification level and submit a copy of the documents, you can probably be concerned about security. Be sure that the site you selected provides 100% confidentiality of information. Check also that dating site has antivirus and free of malware. If yes, do not worry to use it and meet with a single Thai woman.

Thai Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

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Are you expecting a dating Thai girl? Don’t hurry! This nation also has certain peculiarities and requirements for males. Here are some rules and basic tips that force Thai girl to love you.

Be a gentleman

Behave with Thai woman with restraint and prudence. Do not kiss her, hug or argue in the public, as she considers it offensive. Make compliments, follow the manners, hints, and needs. Thai women want to see a wise man who respects her, will help and will give the right to make a choice when it is necessary.

Show respect to her culture

The first step to getting to know a Thai woman is to get acquainted with culture. Thais have certain features regarding clothing, food, behavior, religion. They value and preserve cultural traditions. Therefore, do not condemn the girl for her preferences. On the contrary, behave yourself respectfully. Remember, if you learn a little about the girl’s culture before a date, she will love you more.

Do not rush

Thai females are committed to their culture and traditions. Do not rush Thai girl. Give her time for reflection and making a decision. If you plan to build a strong relationship with this woman through Thai dating and marriage, do not be too persistent, as this may deter Thai girl. If everything is done correctly, a girl will never have to wait long.

Look decent and well-groomed

Thai women are used to caring for themselves and spending many efforts to look perfect. That is why they want to see a decent candidate near them. Women are not looking for men with the perfect figure and outfit. But Thai girls find good taste, restraint in clothing and the ability to emphasize the advantages attractive.

Take care and love Thai girl

Before Thai women dating, decide if you are ready to take care of Thai girl. Since Thai women are capable of loving, giving warmth and caring for a man, they require something one for one. Don’t worry about expensive gifts. Thais don’t need it. Thai women know that they can earn money for good things by themselves. Instead, give all care, grace, attention. Express your sympathy with words and actions.

So as not to worry that the date will fail, let’s talk about some myths.

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Girl for a date is not about Thai women. Yes, Thais are happy to make new acquaintances and will be friendly during dating. Nevertheless, these women are made for love, family comfort, and care. Meeting them will brighten everyone’s life with new colors and emotions. That is why you should get acquainted and chat with a single Thai woman.


Is the language barrier so big?

No, most young Thai girls speak English fluently.

Do Thai women only respect their culture?

For Thai women, culture is of great importance, not only own but also others. Therefore, Thais show respect to every nation.

Are Thai girls looking for just a wealthy foreigner?

Yes, these women are often looking for a foreigner. People in Thailand care about their future, which is why Thais want to move to a developed country. But for Thai women, priority is given to character and actions.